Artist & Bio Statement

I am a glass, found object artist and a storyteller inspired by nature. I upcycle broken glass and a variety of discarded materials to tell creative, visual stories. Each piece plays with the dimensions of light, color, and texture to transform the unwanted into the inspired. I value discarded objects, broken glass, old frames, and forgotten treasures. I discover ordinary items and create a transition from the plain to the unique. Each unique mosaic tells a different story, and all of my work merits the importance of “working with what you have and making it beautiful”.

My artistic process has evolved from using soft materials such as cloth made into quilts, to using the hard properties of glass to tell my stories. My art always uses small, colorful pieces
 that fit together to a create a visual message. All of the small pieces of glass are fused together to form a larger, original statement. Each pictorial presentation is enhanced by light and some pieces can be displayed either outside or inside.

My “Expressions in Glass” are reflections of my stories, my core, and my love of finding the beauty in what we have been given that was instilled in me as a little girl. I hope it inspires all to unearth the magic that is all around us, and share it with others.